About Us

Mission Statement:

NuQuest Consulting is committed to helping the average small business recognize and achieve goals that will take them to the next level by using simple, easy to understand strategies, sincere respect and exceptional follow-up.

Business Philosophy:

  • We will conduct this business with a win – win philosophy.
  • We will strive to be the business partner of choice.
  • We will go above and beyond expectations to create a service experience second to none.
  • We will show respect to everyone through sincere professionalism and consistent follow-up.

Prelude to a Dream

NuQuest Consulting LLC was founded by my wife K.Lee Hale-Woodmansee and I in 1998 to help small businesses with IT solutions. NuQuest was formed as more or less a passionate hobby. As the company we worked for grew (40% a year for nine years) into a multi-million dollar business, we had to abandon our vision of making NuQuest in to a company that would be a valued resource for all small business owners. As the years went by K.Lee and I eventually left that company, when it was sold we started a franchise business with Snap-On Tools. The reason we decided on the franchise system was because the difference in success rates between franchises and independent businesses were staggering. Within the first two years we became multi-franchise owners ranking in the top 100 in the country out of 4000 franchises with sales reaching 1.5 million per year. Ultimately I accepted a job with Snap-On training and coached franchises in New Mexico and Texas. The dream of reviving NuQuest, however, was still alive. On February 19th, 2012 my wife and friend of 15 years passed away. It was at that time I made the decision to begin the journey that she and I knew we were destined to take. It is in her honor that I bring NuQuest Consulting LLC to you and make the promise that I will treat your business as if it were my own.